January 08, 2013

Vengeance, thy name is vain.

Stupidity comes in so many forms, the most common of them is: "human", yes me loves, human is the most stupid form in this planet. You don't believe it? Well, let's put it this way, we as humans take upon ourselves the right for vengeance and the right to hate each other. When in reality both vengeance and hate and such useless and vain feelings or thoughts.

I cannot understand this human need of hating (but most admit it is a necessary evil, as we all need to feel the rush of hate and anger; it can even motivate us and guide us to greatness), but further more, I cannot understand humanity's need for vengeance, such a pitiful, shameless, and useless action.

Yes, yes, we gain immediate satisfaction, but them, what comes after this momentary pleasure? I will admit that vengeance is the most delicious dish served cold, yes, I do have enjoyed the pleasures of vengeance myself; and yes, it is a beautiful sensation. But even though, it is useless, this will only leave us running in a circle, a cycle of action and reaction, a contest of who can hurt the other, in a deeper, more hurtful way... well, let me just tell you that all of your efforts of revenge only make you look angry and bitter, your pitiful and imagination lacking vengeance attempts make you look stupid and give you no merit in my eyes (Even if I may applaud them or they make me laugh).

Pathetic little jokes of ourselves  we are when we lose our minds to vengeance and hate. For as much as they may be necessary, they are useless! How can we get so involved, seduced and trapped by this useless need of taking justice into our hands, when life itself takes care of everything for us. Yes, you may or can call it karma, or the rule of 3, or whatever the fuck you want; based on experience me loves, I can tell you that your stupid need for vengeance is as useful as the Catholic Church.

Hate can be so pure, it can help us, but your stupid need to turn hate into resentment makes me sick, there is such purity in hate, and yet, so unnecessary. Hate will only generate more hate, and this is not about the outside hating you, no my dears, for every time, every thing you hate, hate is generated within you, towards yourself. But I hope not you will understand that the more you hate something/someone the more you hate yourselves. Ans so, only humans are stupid enough to hate.

So then, I can tell you that this is the main reason I do not hate and do not follow vengeance's path, so no my dear friends and foes, I do not hate you at any level, for it is complete and absolute waste of my time... and so, you may be wondering what is it that I feel when someone has hurt me, well, I do, as I have said, feel anger and hate (in some degree) but after really reasoning the situation I always come to the same conclusion, you bitch ass motherfuckers who have done wrong by me, you all make me sick, you are not worth my hate, for you are the lowest of the lowest within human kind (at least in my eyes).

And with this in mind I let go of my anger and hate, yes, it is that "simple", why hate you, that will be giving you far more importance than what you deserve, you are not worth it, you are not worth my time or hate... instead I despise you and because of that I can forget about you, and give you the real importance that you deserve, SLIM  AND NONE!

So please, I invite all of my "enemies" to hate me and make fools of yourselves by seeking revenge, 'cause I can ensure you it fail, and greater evils will fall upon you. This is why I no longer follow the path of vengeance  for it is my desire to live the closest to peace as I can, but I am also faulty and fall into the sweet embrace of madness and so, I fall into hate and anger... that only leave me with self inflicted wounds and a pain so deep that it comes back in cold dark night, yes, it comes to haunt me like a rabid dog. No, it is not a pretty sight of myself when I'm tormented by the memories of all the things I've done.

I wish you well, oh stupid little minions, I hope that you may never be haunted as I am.. but if you are, then let me always be in your thoughts with a simple phrase: "I told you so".

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