February 07, 2013

Sun of all suns.

I wish I could fight how sick I feel.
I wish I could destroy my every feel,
and become enlighten and free,
to live beneath the sun of all suns.

And I've missed you since you been gone,
I feel like I'm lost,
I miss your warmth running through my skin.
Cold is my skin as my heart now is.

Trapped beneath the earth,
in lonely confinement,
blind inside all of this darkness,
I miss you my sun... Sun of all suns.

Sun of all suns,
Shinning through my darkened sky,
caressing my skin with your light,
and I can't live with out your might.

You are the sun of all suns,
filling me with all your might,
the suns of all the suns,
The sun of all my suns.

One day all will see,
the might of the brightest sun.
One day all will feel,
the warmth of the mightiest sun

Sun of all suns, rising through the darkened clouds.
Sun of all suns bringing light to my world.


Nailo Gottblut.

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