August 20, 2013


You want to know what bullshit means? Well, this is what the internet says:

bull·shit Vulgar Slangn.1. Foolish, deceitful, or boastful language.
2. Something worthless, deceptive, or insincere.
3. Insolent talk or behavior.
v. bull·shit also bull·shat (-sht) or bull·shit·ted (-shtd), bull·shit·ting, bull·shitsv.intr.1. To speak foolishly or insolently.
2. To engage in idle conversation.

Honestly, that is to conservative for me, correct, but conservative, I cannot understand why we love to say a lot of things that we don't even feel, to express feeling that we don't even have, and of course, lie like a motherfucker.

All that we are is a pile of lies, treachery, deceit and treason, sum up in one simple word: "BULLSHIT".
We "humans" ,as a race, are so full of shit, full of unfulfilled idealism... you don't believe me? Well, take a look at our stupid idea of love; we desire to idealize love so much, that we end up ruin it for ourselves, for any and everybody else.

Not yet enough? Take a look at our idea of God, we want, we "NEED" to identify ourselves to God so much, that he now looks like, Leonardo DaVinci's cousin! Fuck! It is unfuckingbelievable, even Mexican heroes (like the Mexican people) have lost their identity, look at fucking Morelos, motherfucker looks like Gerard Pique's lost Mexican bastard brother! In the name of everything good in this world, this is so much bullshit!

Still skeptical? Allow me elaborate, Israel is fighting Palestine over 360 km2, they are killing each other, killing men, women, and children over a piece of fucking dirt! Fighting over a promised land that was promised to both counties, and instead of following God provided commandments and share it! No, they prefer to make war over it and destroy it, instead of sharing and living in peace... 'cause it is too fucking hard to be rational and follow their God. They both claim it to be their inheritance, a land provided by God, but they seem to lack the intelligence and the morals to, as I said before, SHARE IT! So, over all of their religious beliefs, the need of profit has overcome their common sense. So, we can conclude that they are both full of FUCKING BULLSHIT!

We all dream to have a wonderful life, a good job, lots of money, a big fucking house, we want to marry prince charming or the perfect woman. We have idealized marriage and the perfect family, we want to have it all with so little effort. We want someone that understands, that listens and is similar, if not, just like us.
But what happens when we "find" that person and even dough that he or she is so similar to oneself, or at least shares most of our tastes, what happens when we discover that somehow, somewhat, that person has a personality of it's own; oh my God, NO! Such a sacrilege, bastard lies, double faced motherfuckers! How can it be that a person has a personality of it's own, HOW!?

Yes, this sounds like a joke, but it is not, that other person has to take us for who we are and how we are; but we cannot accept that our emosional and/or sexual partner has a personality of it's own, no, we need that person to be our mirror. Yes ladies and gentlemen you, me, we, are all full of bullshit! Some of you might even be angry at this time, thinking that I'm full of myself and that I think that I have all the answers; and you are wrong, awfully and undoubtedly, WRONG!
I might be wrong, y'all might be right, 'cause how could it be that there is no person out there able to "complement" you... wait, I think we just hit the spot, that other person has to complement you, that other  person does not has to be like you, it only has to complement you, and so, we can say that it's merits and flaws will both make you whole. So, what ever you don't like about the other person, that, is what you don't like about YOURSELF! That would mean that you, my friend, ARE FULL OF BULLSHIT!

You, me, we are all full of shit, bullshit; we call each other friends, but we believe that "friends" should just tell us what we want to hear and let us keep falling on the same holes and mistakes... well, I believe that should tell us what is wrong with us and their appreciation on what we can do to improve ourselves; you know, it is called, being FUCKING honest! But maybe I'm wrong and we should all fool ourselves with the delusion of our own personal fantasy world, a world where nothing is wrong and everything is pink, everything is full of flowers and bunnies and love is in the air. (Oh my, I'm about to vomit)

Anyway, anyhow, I might just be full of bullshit too.

Nailo Gottblut


  1. It is to my believe that everyone is full of their own poison (or bullshit as you decide to call it) even so we are all capable to see past that and see the world as it is, and then is when we desire and even try to make a reality of our fantasy world.

  2. World isn`t pink and full of flowers. But neither is the oposite. Bullshit I said!! Love, god, peace ... ideals doesn`t exist ... Bullshit I see!! ... relationships are messy, all of them, none is perfect ... Couples are not perfect, couples dont supose to be complementary, or equals, neither the oposite ... The only thing that is required is to feel something, and feel it the same. could be love, hate, or even fear ... Bullshit toguether, that is true "love".

    Like it, is so .. you :)